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GetnGo Gas


The Problem

Have you ever been stuck at the gas station? Whether it was because the pumps weren't working, or you forgot your card or cash, or maybe even just because of expensive gas prices... we've all been there. And it sucks! We know how frustrating it is to be in the middle of something, only to find out that your car needs fuel and you don't have any way to pay for it. That's why we created GetnGo Gas App: to make sure that never happens again!

The Solution

We all know that gas stations are the worst, right? They're dirty, they're crowded, and they have way too many germs. But what if you could avoid all of that? Well now you can! GetnGo Gas is an app that allows you to pay for your gas right from your phone. It's convenient, secure, and easy--and best of all? You don't have to worry about carrying around cash or cards. Just tap and go!

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