Standard pricing with no extra hidden costs. Get what you pay for – finally. Add-ons sold separately.

2.5K/ for 4 months

For businesses with little content, billed as one-time payment or $700 month-to-month.

Modern, user-friendly design
Blazing-fast hosting
Up to 5 revisions*
CMS Items
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5.7K/ for 8 months

For businesses with medium content, billed as one-time payment or $900 month-to-month.

Everything in the small plan
Simple animations
Up to 15 revisions*
Sitemap and wireframes
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10–49 PAGES
10.2K/ for 12 months

For businesses with large content, billed as one-time payment or $1,100 month-to-month.

Everything in the medium plan
Crazy animations
Unlimited revisions*
Accessibility features
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Whether it’s building a new site or doing a redesign, it’s important to look at analytics, conduct keyword research, and check out your competitors to ensure we start off on the right foot.


What are they searching for on your site? Are they tech savvy? These details build a profile of a potential real user – someone we can keep in mind throughout our process in order to tailor the ideal online experience.


Before applying any styles or color, wire framing allows the focus to be on content and the hierarchy of information, giving the most visibility to the most important items.


We’ll map out your entire site, always keeping the end user in mind. I have experience working with websites large and small, organizing content and pages in a way that makes the right information easy for users to find.

Add-on available

Take the time to establish goals, review your competitors’ websites, see what other industry players are doing online, and apply all that information to your new website. Establishing a strong strategy is key to an effective website.

Add-on available
Add-on available
UI/UX Best Practices

There is a reason behind every line and color that goes into designs, all working toward the goal of effortless usability. A website that doesn’t make users think and guides them is a true winner.

Responsive Design

Web design isn’t as simple as it used to be. With so many devices and screen sizes on the market, there is a lot to account for. Your site will be readable on all screen sizes—and everything in between.


We’ll review your brand guidelines, print materials and all other marketing initiatives to ensure your website is no different. Users should experience a cohesive image and message as they move through your marketing materials, enhancing brand recognition.

Add-on available
Add-on available
Fast Page Loads

Take special measures throughout the responsive design process to make sure your website loads as quickly as possible. React server-side rendering, automatic image compression and smart asset bundling–just to get us started.

Built-in SEO

You’ll have an SEO strategy built right in. Everything you need and more will ensure your newly launched site is ready to compete in the industry search rankings.

Custom Functionality

Whether you need a product finder, custom map integration, or something totally new, we’ll build features specific to your business needs that will integrate with your internal systems for a truly custom fit that will feel and look right at home.

Add-on available
Add-on available

Convenience of hosting your new website, giving you the complete website package. I’ll design, develop, deploy, and host your new website, meaning you only have one call to make for all your website needs.

On Time & Budget

To ensure everything goes smoothly, we’ll establish a project timeline from the beginning and let you know if anything comes up that might affect the budget or launch date. Prior to launch, I’ll provide a rundown of exactly how the launch day will go so you don’t have any surprises.

CMS & Maintenance

We offer take are of all maintenance issues and updates you may need. All clients have a dedicated client portal for updates, fixes and changes. No need to worry about having to learn all those skills. Leave it the pros.

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Add-on available
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